Web & Mobile Application Development

We provide E-platform for your business to grow, whether it can be Website for PC or mobile applications for smartphones.


Cloud Services

We provide a maintenance for various types of networks, Data Centres, Servers, Cloud services, Virtual setups, Data storage, Hosting, Security for the clients.

Edu & Tech

Education & Technology

We train student on the software platforms they are interested from their curriculum and provide internships for talented students on live projects.



We provide consulting, support and implementation of internal/external network security along with email security. We help in implementation of security best practices for your firm.

About Us

We are a group of budding entrepreneurs, who are aspiring to make an impact growth and development in the field of Technology, Business, and Education in a better and easier way. We are a team of young professionals who are trying to put a huge amount of effort in making our dream to thoughts and thoughts into acts. "Initiate, Involve and Innovate" - as our motto, We started a company named "BetaQube", which indulged in sectors like Information Technology, Internet, Networks, Security, Storage, Data, Electronics, Telecommunications, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical, etc... Keeping up with current trends and Innovate new possibilities with younger minds. BetaQube provides a substantial platform for the fledgling innovators and the curious minds. Betaqube Education provides the students and recent graduates the necessary means of knowledge, guidance and training in the real time environment before their graduation. We work with companies, schools, and individuals. We encourage Innovative ideas and strive for them to make it possible.We welcome all the budding innovators and entrepreneurs. We believe "Every great result is an outcome of a healthy discussion". Come, Discuss and Acquire!

What we do

We create

We create content based on your requirement with additional inputs from our end to fulfill your business needs.

We look to the future

We give you all the insights possible for future purpose and implement them.

We find a solution

After a deep discussion about your business, we give you the right solution for your productive and affordable product.

Contact Us

Betaqube Software Technologies Private Limited

Adress: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Phone: +91 9177610048

E-mail: connect@betaqube.com





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